Whatt Am I Thinking?

I usually post on Sundays, with weekend things , or pictures.
Yeah..... That didn't happen obviously.
 This weekend was one that wears you out, but you don't really remember doing anything to make you that worn out.

Friday: BJ had his friend stay the night, no biggie right? Well this was the first friend sleepover at our house since we left Kansas, so we have been out of practice. They stayed up till the wee hours of the morning. Then woke up bright and early Sat.

Saturday: While BJ and said friend played on the Wii the other three of us attended to our Sat. cleaning. Yes, we cleaned around the boys. Then when "friend's" mom came to pick him up she brought her other kids, which made Isabelle in better spirits; we talked for about 2 hours. Well my son is not one to have no sleep then be all sunshine and puppy dogs, so we got to put hear him complain all day.
I decided to make an awesome supper that is like sooo bad for you but throws a HUGE party in your mouth just so I didn't have to listen to him any more!!!
Chicken Scalloppini in a Lemon Butter Cream Sauce
Yeah it has a pound of butter, bacon, heavy whipping cream, and pasta... Plus I mixed up some herbs to throw into some olive oil and dip our french bread into.
I cooked it all in the blistering 98 degree kitchen! I was beat, but did I go to bed? Nooo, I thought we were gonna watch a movie, but we didn't.

Sunday: Other than the kids all of a sudden thinkin they could try to run the house I cooked 2, yes dos suppers.

See here is the deal. Matt has supper duty Mon.-Thurs. And I get Sat. and Sun.
Before you judge and say wow he cooks a lot, I ask you look at past post.
My meals are very thought through, planned, big meals!! His are what ever he can grab from the freezer and throw in the microwave. So they eat like crappy TV dinners, frozen pizzas, or any other nasty processed mess. (I usually grab a bowl of cereal or nothing)
Well I thought I would help and I made a Tamale Pie casserole that he could reheat tonight, and then I made fried steak for our Sunday meal.
 All I can say is:
 never again.....
It was such a hot mess in the tiny galley kitchen that has no counter space. Oh well both suppers were received well by the family, so my work here is now done.
Till next weekend.

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