My Favorite Temperary Unusuable Christmas Gift

This year when we were asked by my mom what we wanted for Matt, the kids and I for Christmas; I informed her that we all needed new bedding sets.
Well since we live a couple of states away, and she wanted to make sure we got what we wanted, she sent $. 

Matt and I have been looking online, in stores, and finally found one we liked. So tonight we picked it up since it was the last one and it was on sale!!!! 

The bad side is we can not use it till we move (it was an agreement I reluctantly agreed to).

With out further ado a picture of our new bedding from Target:

We will be getting Red sateen sheet set to go with it and I plan on getting more accent pillows. I am so excited to get moved now (even if it is just for the bed)!

We did not forget about the kids'; Isabelle's is pretty much decided, but we are still looking for just the right one for BJ. I will post those when we decide though, cuz I know you are dying curious to find out.

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