2010 Christmas Wish List

Matt and I have decided not to get anything for each other for Christmas and just focus on the kids. With that said I know what is the point of a wish list, but I figure since I'm not getting anything I can wish for outrageous stuff then right? I mean I really do want these things, but it would be gotten over time not in one setting. This is more of a dream list!

1. Cricut Imagine-
In the scrapbbooking world I am a paperaholic and this little guy would help feed my addiction. I hate using paper because I'm afraid that what if I use that sheet and I will never have it again, but now I can print 10 of the same sheets if I want to!!!!

2. Nikon D7000-
I really want to step up my picture taking skills again. I used to love photojournalism class and using an SLR camera! 

photo by Akril

And last but not least............

3. NKOTB/BSB Concert Tickets (the good seats)-
It is my ultimate dream goal to meet my 5 fav. guys!

I really don't think I'm asking too much. LOL!

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