My downfall was Ks. food

Ok this is the last week I will be in Kansas for a looong so I thought today I would talk about my favorite place to eat in Ks. and a new little place we found for a cool treat.

Ok I have to say that the #1 thing Matt, the kids, and I miss about Wichita is this place. We used to go out to eat most Fridays to this place.  It helps that we heart us some Mexican food, but we also loved that we made many memories there. There is no, On the Borders where we live now and we are sadden by this. I mean I love living in Fort Smith, but I gotta say that all they authentic Mexican restaurants. Which we like, but not "love". So, being here I HAD to partake in some.
You know how when you miss something and you end up building up so high that when you meet it again you're disappointed?

Not the case here!
We were seated and brought or chips I remember thinking. "Salsa, geh in my bellahhh, nomh, nomh, nomh". There was seriously a little party going on in my mouth! I could sooooooo drink their salsa!

The kids got Quesadillas and I got a Steak Big Borderburrito in respect for Matt (his favy. dish) since he could not be there to join us. All I can say is ahhhhhhhh yummmmmm!

After we went to little various spots in Wichita we stopped at this little place i had found on the Internet and wanted to try, because all my bloggy friends in other states constantly hype about frogo. this place was still new but I can see where it could be a cool place. I had cool seating and art work for sale on the walls. I wish I had mucho denero for one of the paintings.

I got cheesecake frozen yogurt with strawberries and almonds. BJ got cheesecake yogurt with raspberries, and Isabelle got strawberry yogurt with mini marshmallows. Another toppings listed on the menu was fruity Pebbles (so see facebook friends, I must not be the only weirdo who does it) and Capn' Crunch!

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