Boo to Winter Weather Advisories!

Yea, it was nice to have a day off Thursday because they closed down Van Buren schools due to weather.
Boo to the fact that my kids were home too.

Sure, it was nice that we only had 7 kids at school on Friday.
Boo that 10 of the others were home sick, but had probably exposed every one the other days they were there. (**Cough, cough**)

It's nice that it's Sat. night, and I still have one more day off till Monday.
Boo to the fact that it's so cold my hot water pipe has been frozen.

I did better on my diet this week.
Boo to the fact that I gained 5lbs. over the Christmas break!

**** Warning next one is for girls only****
Bout time, after 54 days I got my visitor!
Boo that I am irrational, the weather's got me feelin' blue, and I'm bloated!

I have never been a "hater" of Winter, but I have to say, "When is Spring gonna get here"?

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