Past, present, and on to 2010

Looking back over this past year I have had some great times, some troubling times, and some more great times.

In 2009:
-Matt finally got on at the City of Fort Smith which was his main goal  job when we moved here in Feb. 2008 (BTW he loves it there)
-I started this here blog to show my friends and family life here in Arkansas.
-I attended the BEST concert ever with my mom; New Kids on the Block!
-My dad had a heart attack, but he's still kicking it and gonna win him some lottery (I'm crossing my fingers for ya Dad, LOL ;) ).
-I got my kids to sing and dance to NKOTB!
-I totally April Foolsed every one by Isabelle an Actress post!
-I got a mouse, a bird, and a bat from my cat!
-I entered a contest and got to be a semi-finalist for NKOTB shirt logos!
-I caught up on some major scrapbooking this summer.
-I made Isabelle some cute headbands/hair stuff with flowers.
-I went to Kansas for the 4th of July to visit family.
-I took Isabelle to New Kids on the Block concert in July.
-Celebrated 12 years of being tied down!
-I started a diet.
-I lost about 20 lbs. (It depends on when and where I weigh).
-I found my dressmate (and wore it on a night out with Matt to watch New Moon)!
-New Moon came out!
-I went back to Ks. for my grandpa Diller's funeral and a Berner family reunion.
-My dad came down to stay for 2 weeks for Thanksgiving.
-I went to a casino for the first time.
-Matt and I got to go shopping on Black Friday (wheew what a fun trip)!
-We cut down our 1 live Christmas tree.
-I got my nephews to lern to sing Step by Step!
-I got all my Christmas shopping done, and spoiled the kids!
-It snowed here for Christmas!
-I have made new friends, lost  some friends, and re-found some old friends.

For 2010:
I want it to be simple. I will take what comes and deal with it when it does, but I want to be humble. I know there will be some really hard times in the next months; but I just want to stop worring about being good enough for every one else and just be good enough for ME!

Happy 2010 everyone!! May it bring good things for you and your family!

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