Feelin' the spirit!

Sorry for the small leave of absence, I had a funeral and a family reunion, both within 3 days up in Kansas.
I  brought my Dad back with me to spend a couple of weeks, so I have been spending time w/ him.
Also we have been having some extended family issuses, that I will not bore you with.
I guess what I am saying is I have been really detained from blogging.

I could have blogged about my Thanksgiving, but it's about the same as every one elses.
I made food.
We ate the food (to much for my diet I might say).
Then we napped.
The. End.

Well, after the over-indulging lunch Matt and went to have a little quiet time. We decided to go Choctaw!
Yeah, for the first time in my life I went to a casino.
We played, we spent, we talked, and we drank (the best Diet Coke I have ever had)!

Afterwards, we decided to get ahead of the rush and go see what Wal-Mart had to offer, plus I really wanted to waste some time till the midnight opening of Toys R Us. (I really wanted a MP3 player for BJ).
I already wrapped what I bought, so you'll just have to wait till Christmas to see what I got, but I managed fairly well.
@ 11:30pm we decided to head to the store ( I warned Matt how crazy it was gonna be since this was his first year at this).
Yeah he refused to stop, the line had expanded down the block, all the way up another block to the main road.
We decided to call it a night so we could get up for the next morning craziness.

5:30am we roll out of bed and head to our first stop of the day: Gamestop.
 Yeah we pretty much rocked that store, it was AWEsome!

Next I wanted to try to see if I could get my hands on a coat for Isabelle for $15 @ Old Navy. (Note: they opened @ 3am and it was now about 6:15).
I got the last one! (it was so meant to be).
But I stood in line for an hour for it.
(With great pleasure comes a little bit of pain).

Yeah this wasn't really a Christmas gift as it has been freezing around here lately!

I decided that fighting the Target crowd was not worth it so we headed home to get the kids up an ready to go to the Christmas tree farm an get us a tree.
On the way I made one more stop @ Wallgreens to get these little trees for 20 bones!

They light up, but I only plug them in at night,
Once we found the bestest tree, we cut it down and brought it home and stared the decorating!

Why yes, that is Yoda on top of my tree. (I got Matt to admit that next year an angel or star will reappear)!

After the kids had gone to bed, I had gotten a well deserved nap, and more over-indulging food I started wrapping the gifts (In hopes that it will be a little harder for my 11yr. old to snag a peek @).
 I am so proud that I am about half way done with my shopping, something that hasn't happened for 7 years!

I love wrapping presents when I start, but hate it by the time I get to the 5th one!

Oh and stocking stuffers. Check!

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