Enjoying life

I have been enjoying my family this weekend.
We all have times that are tougher than others and lately we have been going through those times, but this weekend we have been having some fun.

I went an got the kids their first Christmas presents to hide away.
I bought Matt and me tickets for New Moon (our 1st date since a year ago when Twilight came out). Two weaks baby!
We all ate out then bought a new tree topper for Christmas.
Matthew picked it out, can you guess what it is?
Hint: he's green, and talks funny.
The grinch?
Nah, it's:


We went grocery shopping, window shopping for holiday cheer, I got Isabelle a whole outfit at Kohls for only 3 buckaroos (gotta love those Kohls dollars), and oh I got my hair cut off!!

new hair cut 2

We kind of hung out around the house 90% of the day.
I decided to make home-made chicken pot pie and then Suprise Brownie Plus.
I have shown brownie plus on the blog before but what made it a suprise this time?
Well you usually put a layer of choc. candy bar in between 2 layers of brownie mix, but this time I used all the leftover Halloween candy making each bite a different taste!
My plan is to send them to work and Matt's work so we will not have anything tempting as I begin a week of hard work on my diet.

I was given 2 awesome things this past week and they both rock NKOTB style!

My co-worker found this kickin' hat at a garage sale 4 me!

And then my sister graced me with this wonderful video of my nephews rockin' to Step by Step!

my boys

Kristi Hartley | MySpace Video

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