Getting over fears, bad habits, and starting summer reading.

Friday I got up ready to start and get the day over with to start what I had hoped to be an awesome weekend.
Yeah fate had other plans!!!
Well to make it short and sweet; fate forced us into getting another vehicle sooner than we planned.
For two weeks I "get" to drive said vehicle to and from work till I am reunited back with my van.
What's the problem you ask?

No I did NOT take this while drive I was parked at work when i took the picture!

It's stick shift.

 Well you know how to drive stick shift you were forced to learn after you graduated High School(If you didn't know now you do).

True, true. But I learned on Kansas' FLAT lands not these humongous mountains hills here in Arkansas. I some how managed to make it to and from work ok. I even accomplished one hill stop!

I think I chose wisely!

Now I have recently been redirected onto my diet and today was the first day in a while that I had to actually eat something soon after I got up(not @ 9:00am when I have had time to actually wake up).

Burned is the book you can see.

And this weekend I signed the kids and I up for Summer reading programs. I am a book reading lover! I love to read, I find my days boring and mindless when I don't have a book(snooty nasal voice)!

Overall I have some pretty mixed feeling on this past weekend. Oh well I'm gonna go finish my 2nd book (yes, I am already done with one, the library people will know me by name when the summer is over)!


  1. confession... I have never driven stick shift! As for my summer reading I'll be FINALLY getting into the Hunger Games series my husband bought me for my anniversary present back in October. lol. I want to have them read before the movie comes out!

  2. I got through driving this past week ok and funny thing is I just finished Mockingjay the other day! Have fun reading it!