Lowering Ears, Could've Been Jobs, and Decor Ideas

This week has been good, but with all good things there is always some bad.
This week I saw the loss of quite a bit of hair on both Matt and Isabelle. I don't have Matt's picture, but here's Isabelle's.

One of the other main things was I tried for a job, but was rejected. Kinda.
See I waited too long and let some fears overshadow me. Oh well. I tried, put it in God's hands, and he said not right now.
Today I decided to go to 2 great stores Hobby Lobby and Kirklands to start picking up things to decorate our future dwellings. (Whenever we are able to get out of this hole in the wall) I found some super ideas for the master bedroom and Isabelle's, but not really anything for BJ. I guess that's ok cuz he's a boy. Here's some Ideas I found:
some storage box seats for Isabelle's room
Some pillows to put on our bed for pertiness! LOL (and pillows are 50% off this next week yay)!

Here's something for our movie room (prolly the family room).

So as my little weekend is starting to come to a close, I am blessed that it has finally started snowing.
Why is snow a blessing?
Well the more snow the more my hubby has to work over time to make the streets safe to drive on.
Which means more $$$ for me to be able to buy all these fine things for our future dwellings!! LOL!

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