Count Down till Friday

Everyone counts down till their work week is over, but I am so looking forward to this weekend I am bouncing in my seat.

Sorry it's so small, but Fri., Sta., and Sun. are the 2-4 columns.
1. Weather outlook is "awesome"!

2. I'm fulfilling a goal of making a new dish each month, but times two. So yes I will be making two new dishes this weekend and I am super psyched! This dishes also entail me going to a store I am not at all familiar with.

3. Outings galore: With weather supposedly this nice I mean HEL-LO who wouldn't want to get out an about with the fam.?

4. With all the changes we as a family are going through, I am going to 'try' to change up a little bit of something myself.

5. I have a couple of small projects I need/want to start on that will only take min.

Hmmmm..... I kinda wish weekends were 3 days instead of only 2. I'm ready to see what all I can accomplish this weekend, hope you get something accomplished this weekend too!

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