I know you'll be scared but try it. Srsly!

Alright I admit I was scared poopless to try and make these, but they were like Tony the tiger says, "Grrrrrrrreat"!
Lauren from Busy Bee Lauren blog got this from one of her bloggers and passed it on to us.

K, you start with your average box of brownies (she used low fat, but I made these for my parents and they like fat).

Next you get a can of Black beans (yes I swear). You rinse and drain them then place in mixer.

Add a cup of water. And puree. Make sure there are NO lumps cuz then it might be gross!

Mix in a bowl the bean mix and the brownie mix. Add handful of chocolate chips (I used a lil more).

Bake accordingly to the packaging and tada!

Really yummy brownies I swear!
If you make these let me know how you liked them.
It's supposed to be healthier than using eggs and oil, especially if you use low fat mix.

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