New Start

Hello again family, friends, lurkers:
                   Spending time here on the farm with family gave me time to do A LOT of thinking, grieving, and healing.
I closed this blog 3 months ago because I was hurt by friends and family. Going through a lot of crap personally and I felt I had hit rock bottom. This year has been a tough year and as a family we are doing what is best for us. Whether it is what someone else would/would not do is none of our concern. We will continue as a family to make decisions best for US.
In the meantime you can support us or not.
I am only in control of my own destiny.
And my own destiny is tired of trying to please every one, and worrying about how they they feel about me.
   I recently sent an email to a blog buddy who has been having some rough times and while I wrote it and in her response; I was reminded that there is always some one out there that's going to dislike what I do, but I can't give up in defeat. I have kids to raise, a husband to love, friends to talk to, and a family to keep in touch with.
So with that said welcome back to my blog, no matter if you're a hater or a lover. 
I want to thank you for stopping by.
I have some fun ideas for future post and I hope you will enjoy your reading.

P.S. Thanks BBL it's because of you and your kindness I reopen this blog!

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  1. Yay for you! This is such a strong, affirmative post, I love it. If things get hard, just remember you have a whole crapton of people out in blogworld that love and support you simply for being you!

    (PS- Thanks for adding me to your blogroll, you're too sweet!)