Day 2/30 Days of Music

Today we are looking at Day 2 of 30 days of music or a month of music.
Day 01 Your Favorite Song: No Air-Glee Cast
Day 02 Your Least Favorite song: Wonderful Christmas Time-Paul McCartney
This irritating song has been getting under my skin since 3rd or 4th grade, however I know most of the words to it and usually still hear it during the month of Dec. I remember getting new walkman for Christmas, excited that I could listen to it instead of my siblings or my parents lame music on the car ride to my grandparents house. We get going and I'm ready to hear me some 107.3 (it was "the" station back then). expecting some pop, I get Christmas music instead and I think I heard this song the most cause my lips to curl and just shutting the walking off. What was the point of even bringing it, I sat stubbornly in the back pouting.

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