My New Moon DVD midnight release experience.

Last night I decided to be a little different an attended a midnight release party for the New Moon DVD. I was very nervous because I was going to be alone and kind of worried of what to expect.

I arrived promptly at ten (the time it was suppose to officially start). I was disappointed immediately. All the goody bags were gone an 90% of the huge cake. So I walk around the store feeling oddly alone. I took a quiz that entered people in little insignificant door prizes and also put my name in for the grand prize drawing for the night. Then I grabbed the new Twilight graphic novel, found a cozy little nook to myself and read till it was almost time for the DVD.

I talked to Matt an he tried to make me not think I had decided to waste 2hrs. of my life by wishing me luck on the drawing. I was resigned to think I would never win, he is usually the lucky one in the family.. I gathered around with everyone else. They finally called out the winner to the grand prize, then they called it again.... No one claimed it so they picked a new name. I was standing off behind them to myself when I noticed it was folded. I folded mine.. That's cool. Then the announcer laughed and said hey thanks for giving me your phone number.... I had put my number on mine (I really didn't know what they needed)!....
That's mee. I squeaked....

I won! I then got the stink eye from everyone there. I mean from little girls, teenagers, women, and even grandmothers! It was great.

My prize was a 17" collector Edward Cullen doll retail value of $139.. I guess it wasn't a waste of 2hrs. of my life.
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