Merry Christmas

We spoiled the kids a little (I am not afraid to admit it), because the past two have been a little rough.

The XBox was a family gift, but BJ brought in MP3 player, a Ds, games, boots, night shirts, and other odds and ends.

Isabelle got some Spongebob stuff, CD player, DS, some games, boots, and some other odds and ends.

Ok, I know a beanie, a hoodie, and a baseball hat are not really girly things but it was because I am always taking Matt's stuff so he bought me some of my own baring things of my intrest. So I got a New Moon, beanie and hoodie, Dallas Cowboys tshirt and hat, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Blu-ray/DVD combo.

I was given strict instructions not to photo Matt. He woke up @ 2am (after us going to bed at midnight) throwing up, so when we got to presents this morning his voice was gone fro ma sore throat, tired and still feeling sick. But he got: PSP, 2 games, and a Nike shirt.

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