Spreading the jealousy bug

I said I wouldn't gloat but, I am merely hours away to seeing some really hot guys do what they do best in my home state of Ks. This is for my nephews' and niece's pleasure only. My sister had brought her kids into the New Kids world by teaching them to sing along (ages 2,3, and 8) especially when a special aunt calls(me), because my ring tone is Step by Step. Well while sitting around the TV today a commercial comes on to promote the concert for tomorrow nite and my nephews go crazy. My sister looks at them and says, "You know your aunt Staci and Isabelle are going to see them". Paula the oldest asks, "Can we go"? Mom laughs. So here iare some very short videos from the boys in Tulsa. I was scared they would take my camera card, so they are very short but this is for you Donovan.

And finally the last one:

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