I Got My Mind On....

It's 4am and though I should be cuddled up in between Matt and Ollie bear I can't sleep. I have tried to follow all of John Tesh's advice, but they are not working so maybe if I get whats on my mind off then I can go count my sheep.


1. Hartman Arena -thank you for allowing 5 good looking men to sing to my daughter and I (and the thousands of others).


2. Kansas.Wind.com -I am asking for signs to be placed along the roads to remind out of state drivers that the wind in Kansas is very pushy!

3. Reminder to self -Say owies to Isabelle because she thinks boo boos are boobies!


4. Half Blood Prince -The next thing I have to look forward to; Harry Potter next Friday.

5. Game Diva -Heather I miss you already, good luck to you and Mark on Wed. Remember Guns N Roses!


6. Padres(Mom and Dale) -You need to put a warning label on your campers' pull out cardboard bed. It hurts! Ow!

7. Friends and family I didn't get to see while i was on vacation-See I have this DH that needed me home really bad (ok, so I think I was home sick also), so sorry I didn't get to spend time with you. I will come again soon and maybe we'll see each other then.

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