One more New Years resolution done

Alright one of the many resolutions I had made for 2009 was to try a new hobby. After seeing all the super cute headbands I've seen Lauren (from Busy Bee Lauren blog) make and some headbands a friend with a new daughter has made, I thought well maybe that looks easy enough to try plus Isabelle would benefit from it too. So today when I went to Michael's they had these flowers for 60% off and they happen to match most of Isabelle's outfits, so I decided I would try to make her some hair accessories. (Excuse the picture quality, I used Matt's Palm to take them since I have misplaced my camera somewhere).

This was the first one I made, it has an thin aqua headband, light blue flower, and a white ribbon. I know it sounds strange but it matches perfectly with one of her outfits.
This one is one of my favorites. It's a thick black headband with a red flower.
This one was specially meant for one of her outfits. It's a thin pink headband with a light yellow flower.
This is the other favorite of mine. This green flower was a little bit bigger than the others, so I glued it to a bow clip that had been unused for about 2 years.
I bought 2 of every color and so these are the extras that I used to make pony tail holders.
This is what the pony tail holders look like underneath the flower.
This is a pair of white flowers I made as pony tail holders, so in case I wanted pigtails. This also shows how big the flowers look on. Thnx for checking out my new hobby.

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