All at once.

Ok, as some of you know I am planning a big trip to Tulsa on Monday. Last Sunday a stomach virus started circulating in the house. It started with Isabelle then by Monday night BJ and Matt got it, well when I still hadn't gotten it by Thursday I thought maybe I was immune to it or something. So I'm going about my business and at work on Friday my throat starts searing with pain. I get home and all of a sudden my eye is irritated and it's gunking up horribly and redder than a Santa suit. Great, I have to get rid of this crap before Monday, so I load up on Robitussin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Vick's Vapor rub, and we try to get some more pink eye medicine. Well I wake up on Sat. still sore throat, pink eye med. not here yet, but other wise ok. I go through our normal Sat. house cleaning, eat lunch, sat outside with the kids for awhile, and then started to watch Harry Potter Weekend. Suddenly, I'm freezing (it was 80 degrees mind you and we haven't turned on our air condition yet), my body aches, and I'm am so tired. Well Matt gets home from work at 4 and I pass out. I would wake up every now and then aching, stomach pains, and coughing. All I can think of is "Oh great I'm going to miss my trip"!! It's my own fault too, because on Monday, I told Matt, "I don't care if I'm projectile vomiting. I WILL go to Tulsa"! Needless to say I feel a lot better today, and I know I will be even better tomorrow, but I really did cut it close. I will definitely tell you how it went when I get back Tuesday.

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